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Whole School Values

Lakefield Church of England Primary School seek to provide a safe environment where everybody is encouraged to work towards their full potential.  We value the individual and promote whole person development.  This reflects our Christian foundation and respect for all other faiths and beliefs.

Lakefield Church of England Primary School is a place in which everyone is valued. Children are given the opportunity to discover their potential and to develop the skills to achieve more than they thought possible. Our ethos encourages resilience, independence, confidence and creativity, and we celebrate effort as well as achievement. Here we foster a love of learning that children will carry with them throughout their lives.

Our Whole School Values

This year (2019-2020) our values are:

Term 1 Generosity
Term 2 Compassion
Term 3 Courage
Term 4 Forgiveness
Term 5 Friendship
Term 6 Respect

Please click the following link, to find activities to do at home surrounding this value.

Next year's values (2020-2021):

Term 1 Thankfulness
Term 2 Trust
Term 3 Perseverance
Term 4 Justice
Term 5 Service
Term 6 Truthfulness
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