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Day 4

It was a grey and overcast day today, much cooler than yesterday. It didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm though! The second group took to the water in kayaks whilst the other group took their turn at archery. Once again there were plenty of children who ended up out of their kayaks rather than in them. Nevertheless they returned with happy smiling faces.

The archers took careful aim, however there were some rather worried looking rabbits in nearby fields and a tractor driver who kept a wide berth!

The waves were more broken today which made catching the waves during surfing trickier. However some of the children still managed to get to their feet. Even Mrs Sargerson and Mrs Stevenson had a good go!

Meanwhile, over on the cliff top, the abseiling was taking place, Every child managed to make the ‘treacherous’ descent and one of the children even had time to take a selfie!

This evening was our Beach BBQ. The overcast skies went unnoticed by the children’s enthusiasm to play in the sand and eat the delicious barbecued food. Sand sculptures were created and children became living works of art within the sand! An impromptu treasure hunt took place when someone’s hat was accidently buried in the sand.

Then it was time to sit around the fire and eat the delicious muffins provided by the hotel.  Our evening ended with a quick dip in the Sea Pool and then a swift walk home for showers and bed!


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