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Day One!

We arrived safely in Bude after a good journey down.


One group went straight in the water to surf while the second group took to the cliffs for an abseiling session.


The water was warm and the surf was nice and even, ideal for learning how to ‘catch a wave’! The children stayed in the water for about two hours and several of them managed to stand up on the surf boards.


Meanwhile, every single one of the group managed to complete the abseil down the very steep cliff. Some even went back for a second go! It was a beautiful and warm day- let’s hope it stays that way all week.


This evening we went for an introductory walk around Bude to familiarise ourselves with the surroundings and to learn some local history. We managed to find our star signs on the Bude light and waved like mad to all of those parents who were watching the Bude webcam.

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