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Day 3


It was a hot, sunny day today  and both groups started their activities on the canal. Group one were Canadian Canoeing and Group 2 tried their hands at kayaking with varying degrees of success! The children even managed to run across a raft of canoes without falling in the water – well almost everyone managed it! They went on to play a game of kayak polo which quickly descended into a mass water fight!

This afternoon’s activities were The Quest  and Shoreline Life again for the next group, where they fed mussels to the sea anemones and were frightened by a huge crab called Clive! You should have seen the children jump!

As the evening was so beautiful and warm, we decided to take the plunge and head down to the Sea Pool for an impromptu dip! The water was freezing and the tide was coming in, causing waves to break over the sea wall drenching any child in their wake! We stayed in the Sea Pool until teeth began to chatter and then thought it was probably time to go back to the hotel for a warm shower and bed!


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