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Day Two


This morning Group 1 went Canadian Canoeing. Although this was meant to be a relatively dry activity, it was amazing how wet the children managed to get! Some took to paddling like a duck to water, however other vessels just seemed to steer themselves into every obstacle in sight! A water fight was deemed a necessary way to end the activity!

Group 2 proved to be budding Robin Hoods on the archery range. They achieved some high scores and also played a game of snakes and ladders! They even managed to spot a pod of dolphins in the distance – what an amazing sight!

This afternoon saw Group 1 discovering the flora and fauna of the seashore. They managed to catch some crabs and today’s highlight was the capture of a purple-tinged starfish! Mrs Sargerson was delighted with this find!

The children in Group 2 followed clues in their orienteering session, which took them all over the coastline of Bude. It was a super race to the finish but the fastest team were not the overall winners!

This evening’s challenge was Project X. Could either team complete the clues and open their box before the ‘bomb’ went off? Unfortunately not! Disaster ensued with deliciously tempting bonbons ending up submerged in salt water and becoming completely inedible! Oh Dear!


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