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Online learning

Here at Lakefield we are proud of the fact that our children want to learn and develop beyond the classroom.  To this end we have added a number of services that the children can access both within and outside of school.

Your children will have been provided a username and a password for each of the services we offer outside of the school so their learning and discovery can continue.  We hope you enjoy these extra services we provide.



Microsoft Office 365

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Children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be provided with a school account to access extra resources at home.  These extra resources will enable the children to communicate with other children in the school (in a walled garden environment - emails can only be sent to and from @lakefield.gloucs.sch.uk accounts and emails from outside of the school cannot be received).

Children will also have full access to:

The children will also get access to Yammer! which is a secure blogging package.

All of these packages are available to use on iPad (or other apple device), Android device and the PC.  You can either download the app for the device or use through your browser.

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