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"Lakefield Nursery is by far one of the best early years settings! I was so nervous when it was time for my son to go to his first formal childcare place (he had always been looked after by my parents before then!) but quite genuinely, as soon as I spoke to Lakefield, I didn’t even bother to look anywhere else! They put me at ease straight away. They are amazing at what they do; they are kind, caring and their communication with parents is fantastic. They genuinely care for their children and families. I felt from the start that I could trust them to look after my child in a way that he would feel happy and safe. The experiences the children are given are are fab! It’s been so fun to hear/see what they get up to and learn each week. I cannot thank you all enough for the amazingly positive start that you have given him. You have set him up for school life so well!" 21/9/21

"I only have fantastic things to say about Lakefield Nursery. I have five children and all of them went here. My last child being the last two years. I think if I didn't say anything else then that alone speaks volumes, all of my children thrived in this fantastic setting. From the setting itself to the wonderful, kind and caring people that put their all into looking after our precious children and helping them to grow and mature in readiness for their schooling journey. The involvement from the school itself is also second to none with the head teacher playing a significant role in their learning and developing. If you're looking for a place to help your little ones grow their wings at their own individual pace then you need look no further because Lakefield really is the best you'll find. I had complete confidence in the staff from the very first time I sent my now 14 year old through to each of my children there after. I'm confident that if you choose Lakefield Nursery then you'll never look back." 17/9/21

"My daughter started Lakefield nursery in 2020 when Covid struck which meant her start date was later than should be. The staff were brilliant and sent me all the information we needed as to when we could start etc and how it would work when we were allowed to attend, this meant straight away I had a lovely feeling about the place. My daughter started her first day feeling nervous as any child does, but the staff came out to greet her and welcomed her in and she happily left me to follow them. She loved it and she loved every single session after that one, so much so we extended her days. The staff are all so lovely, kind, and thoughtful. Nothing is too much effort and they absolutely put every effort into making sure those children in the nursery feel safe, cared for and loved by each of them. Through your various lockdowns and isolations they would call up to check she was doing ok and just basically check she was happy etc. This is when I realise just how fantastic they are! My daughter didn’t want to leave, she asked to stay at nursery forever, she had a close bond to her teachers there and I understand why, they are fabulous. Best nursery ever! "17/9/21

"As parents we want the reassurance of knowing that we’ve made the absolute right choice. We had that with Lakefield Nursery. The staff are loving and encouraging while also continuing to provide an array of limitless learning opportunities for the children. The curriculum is the perfect mix of challenging and interesting and can accommodate the wide spectrum of children. After a challenging few years the staff were amazing and went above and beyond every step of the way. My daughter was fully prepared for the transition into Reception and this was full credit to the staff. I feel truly lucky to have been able to give my daughter the experience of Lakefield Nursery I could not recommend it enough!" 16/9/21

"My daughter is due to enter Reception Class in September 2020 and gradually built up her hours at Lakefield Nursery. She now attends a whopping 5 full days a week! Surely thats too much for a 3 year old right? Not in her case, I genuinely can't keep her away! Upon entry her speech was well below average and I was seeking support from a private speech therapist as I was worried the staff wouldn't be able to understand her/fully meet her needs. Within a few months at Lakefield (before my second speech therapy appointment) I saw a remarkable improvement. She quickly established strong friendships and talked and played non-stop. The staff engaged her in dressing up, role-play and story telling and she can now communicate in clear sentences and correctly pronounce most of her sounds. The speech therapist was no longer needed. She has become a confident and happy little girl and despite her not being the most academic, she is wonderfully imaginative and I now have absolutely no concerns about her readiness to start school. I highly recommend this Nursery!" 25/2/2020

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