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"My daughter is due to enter Reception Class in September 2020 and gradually built up her hours at Lakefield Nursery. She now attends a whopping 5 full days a week! Surely thats too much for a 3 year old right? Not in her case, I genuinely can't keep her away! Upon entry her speech was well below average and I was seeking support from a private speech therapist as I was worried the staff wouldn't be able to understand her/fully meet her needs. Within a few months at Lakefield (before my second speech therapy appointment) I saw a remarkable improvement. She quickly established strong friendships and talked and played non-stop. The staff engaged her in dressing up, role-play and story telling and she can now communicate in clear sentences and correctly pronounce most of her sounds. The speech therapist was no longer needed. She has become a confident and happy little girl and despite her not being the most academic, she is wonderfully imaginative and I now have absolutely no concerns about her readiness to start school. I highly recommend this Nursery!" 25/2/2020

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