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Additional curriculum information

Below you will find further information relating to the curriculum that Lakefield Church of England Primary School offers.

Reading Acquisition

Encouraging children to read from an early age is of vital importance for the development of key life skills.  Lakefield make the acquisition of this essential skill happen starting with the teaching of phonics, using a wide range of graded home / school reading books, by children reading to adults in school, reading to parent helpers (including members of the community), providing a well resourced easily accessible library, providing electronic Kindle books and creating inviting class libraries full of brilliant texts.   Local authors visit the school regularly and we encourage reading beyond the classroom by encouraging children to borrow extra books from our library. Our children leave the foundation stage and both key stages with results that are above the National Average with an ability to read confidently.

Art and Design

At Lakefield the children are taught the skills needed in order to give them the means to express their ideas and imagination freely. They are provided with opportunities to look closely at, compare and discuss the work of a variety of artists.  As well as being provided with opportunities to draw from observation in order to understand the world around them.  They experience a wide variety of mediums for 2D and 3D work and are encouraged to use colour, pattern, texture, line, tone, shape, form, space and different materials and processes to communicate what they see, feel and think.  We see the steps being taken as being as important as the finished item allowing the children to experiment and explore ensuring an immersive creative process.


At Lakefield we use technology to enrich, the learning taking place in other subject areas whilst also ensure that computing is taught as a specific subject area developing a range of skills needed by the children not just for use now but also for the future.  The children are immersed in technology in order to support, enhance, develop and extend their learning beyond the classroom.  We ensure that the children are taught coding at multiple levels, link with both secondary, schools, and industry.  All pupils have 365 accounts, have access to online learning systems and are taught how to use these effectively in order to continue thier learning away from school.  Lakefield have been awarded several awards for digital world and e-safety excellence that allows us to support others.

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject.  Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.  They acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art.  Pupils learn how to take risks, becoming resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens. Through the evaluation of past and present design and technology, they develop a critical understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world.

Geography and History

The aim of History and Geography is to give the children a wider perspective on their world and to provide the beginnings of an understanding of the human situation.  Alongside important historical and geographical knowledge of people, places and events, children are encouraged to develop transferable skills they can use across the curriculum and in later life, such as asking perceptive questions, thinking critically and weighing evidence.  Also, by stimulating their interest of other times and places, children develop an awareness of themselves in relation to their community and the part they can play in it.


French is the language that is  taught as part of our curriculum. The children have the opportunity to develop both their oral and written Fench skills and apply into real life situations. An interactive approach is taken to the teaching of this language in order for us to address the children’s broad learning styles.

To ensure language development Lakefield follows the Language Angels scheme of work.

French is taught, in line with the National Curriculum, from year 3.

Physical Education

Lakefield offers a broad range of Physical Education which comprises of dance, gymnastics, swimming, games including outdoor and adventurous, and athletic activities. At Lakefield we have a minimum of two P.E. lessons a week including some sessions being run by specialist coaches including Atlas Sports, Gloucester Rugby, Gloucester Cricket and other sport specialist organisations.  Children have the opportunity to attend a variety of sporting events during the course of the academic year and Lakefield organises the Dursley District Sports which arranges the sporting events for the Dursley district schools.  The children are able to attend numerous sports clubs, run by the school, during the course of the year.

The children from year 1 onwards attend a 6 week block of swimming every academic year so by the time they leave Lakefield they have every opportunity to become proficient swimmers.

PShce and RSE

PSHE and citizenship deal directly with the diverse values, beliefs and attitudes of individuals and society. They help pupils acquire British attitudes and values which are necessary if they are to make sense of their experiences, value themselves and respect others, appreciate difference and diversity and feel confident and informed British citizens

PSCHE education cannot and should not exist in isolation; it must be part of a whole school approach. Our curriculum provides structured opportunities for class teachers and pupils to explore a wide range of social, moral, cultural and behavioural issues. The material is informed by our core Christian values and we use the PiNK curriculum alongside the Cambridge scheme of work to teach the children.

RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) is covered in all year groups with the level of detail being tailored to the stage of development and age of the children.


Science enables our children to discover and investigate the world around them.  We encourage the children to think independently and explore scientific concepts through investigation and experimentation.  We link the concepts being taught, where possible, to the theme being taught enabling the children to use the information in a more meaningful way.  We ensure the children develop enquiring minds and an approach to science that is embedded in problem solving, predication, testing and analysing information through scientific enquiry and development.

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